Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 7th Meeting

RED 2 Meeting 3 – November 7, 2010


- Urban Green Kit

- historical background that drives urban agriculture

- concepts already done

- the kit:

- angled garden plot

- bee hives

- domesticated pigs: waste management, heating, compost, fertilizing

- rain water collection: watering plants, flushing toilets

- heating/cooling with rain water

- grey water reuse: watering plants

- **picture, circular diagram, (cycle sustainability and zero waste: Evelyn – youtube example)

- concentrated agriculture within an urban environment

- elements that can be applied to any urban space

- natural water treatment system

- drip irrigation

Who's covering what topic:

Lea: residential agriculture: interior

Stephan: concentrated urban agriculture

Vantar: water cycle, reuse

Natalie: land for agriculture

Paniz: residential agriculture: exterior

Alex: residential agriculture: portable

Kate: history

Evelyn: residential agriculture: interior

Michelle: water, treatment

Next meeting, Tuesday 7:30

Email everything to either Evelyn or Paniz: evelyn.hofmann@gmail.com or panizmoayeri@hotmail.com

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