Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Michelle Duong

facts about waste

the Clean Air Council has a lot of facts on the amounts of waste produced, and the ways it is processed, in the United States

here are some more facts about factory farming:
the ones in the first section are the most relevant I think

egg-shaped chicken coop

Natalie found this and it's great! So I think we should have our chickens living in this coo stylish coop:
It was on this blog
sorry, here's the picture

maure digesters

One of the websites I originally looked at did say that manure digesters aren't overly effective, but considering the amount of information available on them I think the must have some merit. This was the link: Digesters

I also found some information, including a picture, on smaller scale digesters for private use.

Lazcano, Joy M.. "Cooking out of kitchen wastes." (accessed Dec. 9, 2010).

Lea Koch
Dec. 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictures of Waste-Eating Pigs

Here are some photos:

There's more if you go HERE.
"meat: pigs eating produce.." meat. (accessed December 8, 2010).

Posted by Paniz Moayeri On Dec 8/2010

Natalie Bellefleur