Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Green Farming"


After doing a bit more research I've come up with a story that would link pretty well with Evelyn's research on urban farming. It's more so about Agriculture, Water, Food and Energy opposed to Waste Disposal, but it's pretty interesting stuff.

It mainly focuses on the amount of water that is used for agriculture in the world (the stats are pretty staggering) and how we will have to manage in the coming years when food demand with probably double and water resources will be lower.

With water resources dwindling the article suggests using water taxes to encourage ZERO water waste, and efficent responsible farming techniques. This method has already been employed in Australia and so far has been successful. Food prices, surprisingly, have not increases, farms are able to allow for the water taxes in the budget.

The article also focuses on how farm land will probably be abandonned and many will flock to cities, that are already at thier limitations. Thus the article discuses the issues of this and how we may remedy them.

Water in Agriculture
The main article;
Water in Agriculture: Improving Resource Management, published March 2010,

Water in Agriculture Video
here's a video on what the article says;
also releaseded in March 2010,

and this is a graph on water consumption by country for agricultural purposes;
OECD Environmental Outlook Baseline, published 2007,

Kate Holbrook-Smith
November, 2, 2010

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